Welcome to Stubbekøbing´s Museum of local history
- See our exhibitions and a lot of different collections in beautiful newly restored rooms.


You will see a museum in a listed merchant´s house from 1846, centrally located on the high street in the old part of Stubbekøbing.

The museum contains the local cultural history from town and country, mainly from the beginning of the 20th century.


Exhibitions:  Click here and get a prewiev of what you will see in the museum

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Vestergade 43 

DK4850 Stubbekøbing   


Tlf. : 54 44 13 04



From The 12st of June to the 15th of September.

Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 14 to 17.

Saturday from 12 to 15.

Wednesday and Sunday closed.

Entrance fee:

Adults: 30 kr

Children 6-15 years: 15 kr

Groups: Entrance fee
by appointment.

Members have free
entrance fee.


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