The park
Take a walk in Stubbekøbing´s old park, which has a beautiful view of Bogø and Farø Bridge
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Stubbekøbing Church
Visit Stubbekøbing´s beautiful church from the 13th century. It is bulit in basilica form with a midship and two side vessels
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The old city streets
Take a stroll through the old city streets and feel the idyll:
Vestergade, Grønnegade and Møllegade
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The ferry IDA
The ferry IDA, sailing between Stubbekøbing and Bogø, is a veteran wooden ferry from 1959
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Stubbekøbing´s two harbours
The harbour area has alway been of great importance to the city, and even today there is great acitivity at both the commercial port and the marina
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Stubbekøbings old town hall
You will find the city´s old town hall beautifully situated by the square in central Stubbekøbing. The town hall was the home of Stubbekøbing Municipality. Today the house is used by locals as a cultural house with art exhibitions and music

Take a walk through Havnegade and find all the little details. You can see the ferry IDA and the city´s passion for motorcycles on the lamp posts. Also the street drainage grates are quite special

Staircase with a view
At the port by IDAs ferry landing you will find the staircase with a view. In addition to the fantastic view of Grønsund and Bogø, you can also experience the quite spectacular sunrises and sunsets, which at all seasons can be enjoyed from the city´s many lookout points

Walk past the old stamp mill at Fribrødre Å
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Fishing village Hesnæs
Visit the idyllic fishing village Hesnæs east of Stubbekøbing. The fishing village is especially known for its unique houses
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Marie Grubbe cenotaph
The cenotaph in honour of Marie Grubbe - the noble woman who ended her days as a ferrywoman at Grønsund
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Gammel Færgevej and the old ferry landing
Visit the old ferry landing at Grønsund, where Marie Grubbe and her husband Søren Sørensen Møller for many years operated ferry operations and hospitality at Borrehuset
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Barup Lake
Beautiful bird sanctuary only a few kilometers west of Stubbekøbing. Has a large selction of water birds and songbirds. The best place i Falster to hear the Nightingale sing
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The bog Borremosen
Borremosen is situated between the two forrest, Ovstrup Skov and Hannenov Skov. Borremosen is a charming meadow and peat bogs. It is possible to fish for tench, carps, eel, pike and perch. In the northeast is a small bird sanctuary
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Horreby Lyng
Horreby Lyng is Falster´s only tall bog and the largest in Lolland-Falster with its 150 ha. Here you may come across both snakes and carnivorous plants. And if you are lucky the dragonfly Stor Kærguldsmed, which is so rare at a European level, that its presence alone is enough for Horreby Lyng to be designated a special nature area in the EU - a Natura 2000 area
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Halskov Vænge
Do go to Halskov Vænge - the forest is an ancient culturel landscape, which, despite of its modest size of only 29 ha, holds no less than 6 dolmens and 72 burial mounds dating back to the Bronze Age. Also Falster´s largest stone, brought by the ice during the Ice Age, is located here
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Bavnehøj leisure area
Enjoy a lovely walk along the edge of the active gravel pits and see the view from Falster´s highest point when visiting Banvnehøj leisure area
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Hesnæs naturområde
The forests around Hesnæs are scenic with steep slopes facing the Baltic Sea. Plenty of hiking and biking trails available
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Corselitze Manor
Make your way to Coselitze Manor with the beautiful manor garden/park. Note only the park is open to the public
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The Generals summer house
Visit the thatched, half-timbered cottage in Tromsnæs Skov on the east coast. The cottage, located near the sea at the end of the road from Corselitze Manor, was originally used as a eatery.
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