In a showcase you can see old schoolbooks from the beginning of the 20th century – and a collection of old tin soldiers, which the boys played with  in their breaks at that time.

For the history- and geograpy lessons you can also see items from Greenland and an old engraving with Hans Egede, who lived in Stubbekøbing for some time.


The classroom
on first floor


..illustrates how it was when your great grandparents went to school.

Here are old school desks, schoolbags, blackboards  with chalk, inkwells and pens and posters with botanical drawings.

The teacher`s rattan cane and pointer are also there.

On the desk you will find the readingbook ”Ole Bole” with lovely drawings made by Storm P., a famous cartoonist in Denmark.
The map on the wall is from the time before world war 2.