The unique collection
of measuring cups and scales


In 1992 this big and comprehensive collecting was donated to Stubbekøbing Museum from the former Stubbekøbing Municipality, which had acquired it from a privat collector
Mutel Olsen.

This quite unique collecting goes about 200 years back in time and consists of all kinds of scales: Steelyards, balance weights, springscales, and special scales.. even a pair of opium scales.
And in addition measuring jugs, weights and yardsticks.

Everything what was needed by the fishmonger, the butcher,
the grocers, the goldsmiths,  the chemists, the laboratories
and in the households.


The scales on display only represent a part of the big and unique collection. The remainder is archived and later on you can watch it on demand.

A reliable scale was important for the traders in the town of Stubbekøbing in older time.

On the markets you have weighed and measured many things over time.

In the 1700s the town had two royal measurers and weighers, who in addition to their public office also ran a merchant`s house..


Read more
about measure- and scale history on the exhibition.


Most of the collection is shown in showcases, but you can also find parts of it  all around the museum.